Pure cotton:The most soft feeling in this summer

Pure cotton:The most soft feeling in this summer

Pure cotton:The most soft feeling in this summer

          Nowadays, the concept of low carbon is gradually gaining popularity, and more and more people wear “carbon” on their bodies in order to advocate environmental protection.When it comes to green fabrics, we have to mention pure cotton.What is pure cotton made of ? What are the advantages  and disadvantages of pure cotton fabric? I hope you can have a new understanding of pure cotton fabric after reading this introduction.

What is pure cotton made of ?

       Cotton fabrics vary in variety and design.Pure cotton fabric is made of cotton, which is woven by warp and weft yarn.According to the dyeing method of cotton material, it is divided into primary cotton, dyed cotton, printed cotton, yarn-dyed cotton;It can also be divided into plain cloth, twill cloth and forged cloth according to the fabric structure.


How to distinguish if the clothes are made of cotton?

        The glossiness of pure cotton fabrics is lighter, it looks soft and not harsh. Pure cotton feels much softer and more comfortable than other polyester chemical fiber fabrics, and it is not pure cotton if it feels very slippery. Touch it and then hold it with a hand for half a minute, if not wrinkly basically can be excluded is not cotton or  little cotton composition.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of pure cotton fabric ?

         Cotton is more comfortable to wear because it has lots of advantages. First of all, cotton is humidity balanced. Pure cotton fibers can absorb water into the surrounding atmosphere, with a moisture content of 8-10%, and feel soft but not stiff when touching our skin.

         Secondly, cotton is warm. The thermal and electrical conductivity of cotton fiber is extremely low, and the fiber itself is porous and elastic. The gap between the fibers can store a large amount of air, and the insulation is relatively high in winter. Therefore, pure cotton fiber textile has good moisture retention, wearing pure cotton fabric clothing makes us feel warm.

         In addition, washing and dyeing at room temperature has no effect on the fabric, which improves the washable and wearable performance of the fabric. Cotton fiber is naturally alkali resistant, which is not allowed to be destroyed by alkali, and is good for washing clothes. And dyeing, printing and other processes.



         Last but not least, cotton fibers are natural fibers. Cotton fabric and skin contact without any stimulation, beneficial to the human body harmless. So cotton is environmentally friendly.

         As is known to all, cotton fiber is the natural tissue fiber of cotton. Its main component is cellulose. Pure cotton textiles are composed of these cotton fibers and do not contain other additives and chemical components. Nowadays, when we’re buying close-fitting clothes, such as baby clothes, we will generally choose pure cotton, a large part of the reason is that the skin of a baby is particularly fragile, pure cotton is less irritating to the baby.


What are the washing and maintenance methods of cotton fabric?

        Cotton fabric alkali resistance is strong. It can use all kinds of detergent, but try not to use washing powder. We had better use transparent soap or soap powder, soap paste. Then use warm water to wash scrubber, leave them to cool before soaking the clothes. Cotton fiber is not pulling resistance, so it's best to hand washing, or set into the laundry bag and put the washing machine to weak water.

        However, washing cotton clothes by hand can also cause wrinkles. Because cotton fiber elasticity is poor and not easy to smooth.To avoid excessive shrinkage of clothing, clothing drying to appropriate stretch flat. Don't wring all the water out after hand washing and let the clothes dry under the influence of gravity, then they won't shrink so easily.It can also be ironed to allow the garment to be pulled back to its original size.



         How much do you know about pure cotton fabric after reading this article ? Join us in the comments section below!

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