There is a classic called PLAID.

There is a classic called PLAID.

There is a classic called PLAID.

       If anything hasn’t changed in the fashion field in recent years, it’s probably the retro trend. When it comes to retro, one element that cannot be ignored is the plaid.Many times when it comes to plaid, the first thing everyone thinks of is not fashionable, but programmers.In short, the plaid shirts seems to have become irrelevant to fashion.Come on, there are many kinds of plaid, who delimit that plaid shirts must be regular, there are only two colors or the same size? So why do so many people think it is outdated?Because the single product of the plaid element is really not just a casual match, it must be selected and matched. So, today I will tell you what are the fashionable plaid and how to wear it.


An eye-catching Plaid: Scottish plaid


        There is a saying in the textile industry in Europe and America: "Scottish plaid is equal to the history of the British Empire."On the stage of modern clothing design, Scottish plaid has always been one of the design elements that are often used. Moreover, the forms and techniques used are becoming more and more abundant, and the styles are becoming more and more diversified.

        The Scottish checkered skirt originated from an ancient garment called "Kilt".This is a short skirt from waist to knee, made of tweed, with continuous large squares on the fabric. In the eyes of foreign tourists, there is not much difference in the checkered skirts worn by Scots, but actually it is not.Although the fabrics used are all squares, they have different designs. Some have a red base with green stripes on the top; some have a dark green base with light green stripes on the top.Some plaid are small and some are large. Some are bright, some are elegant.Residents of the Scottish Highlands always wear beautiful checkered skirts, play cheerful bagpipes, and dance "Sintrobo Haas" during festive parties.



        The most eye-catching thing about the Scottish plaid is that it has a particularly strong sense of hierarchy, with a sense of beauty of the British aristocracy. The most frequent occurrence is the red Scottish plaid.Wearing it in autumn and winter is particularly bright, and the Scottish plaid of this color has not been outdated since its birth.Scottish plaid is more suitable for woolen fabrics, because it can highlight its texture. Of course, as a jacket, the Scottish plaid also needs to be well matched. First of all, it can't be matched with complicated prints, unless you are a supermodel. The simpler the single product, the better it matches with the Scottish plaid.If you like Scottish plaid, but don't want to bother to match it. The clever way is to choose those Scottish plaid items that are not so complicated in color. In this way, this plaid pattern can become versatile. In autumn and winter, you can go out with just a set and catch up with the trendy plaid.



Elegant French Style Plaid: Vichy plaid 


        Vichy Plaid, also known as Gingham, originated in France and was produced in a small town called “Vichy”.The word Gingham actually comes from the Malay word "genggang". In the 17th century, Gingham was actually a yarn-dyed striped fabric. This fabric was introduced to Europe and the United States from the Dutch colonies of Malaysia and Indonesia at that time. In the 19th century, the existing plaid cloth was formed under the influence of the English plaid; and another name, Vichy Plaid, is said to be because this kind of fabric was produced in a small town called Vichy in France.

        The Vichy plaid is based on a white background. The horizontal and vertical stripes of the same color and thickness are superimposed at equal distances to form a square. The color of the superimposition will be darker than the surrounding area. At first, only red on white, black on white and blue on white.



        Vichy's fresh literature and art gives people a bright and pastoral atmosphere, especially popular in the retro style. Whether it is a literary skirt or a neutral suit, Vichy can blend in well with it. 

        Vichy Plaid is a classic fashion element and an important part of French style.Regardless of the color of the plaid top, black and white, blue or pink, the best matching tool is white bottoms.Not only refreshing and reducing age, but also exuding an elegant femininity.The French actress Brigitte Bardot even chooses a wedding dress with a Gingham pattern when getting married.In fact, this wave has not faded so far. With a little freshness and a French retro elegance, there are still a lot of fashionable girls pursued.Today, Gingham elements have evolved in different trousers, designing more modern styles in line with the current.Vichy plaid, originating from France, inherits the French romance, embellished with different designs such as ruffles and folds, or with basic items, becoming a different existence in summer colorful fancy dresses.


Retro and Atmospheric Plaid: Prince of Wales plaid

        In recent years, whether in the fashion circle or in the street circle, the Prince of Wales plaid is a huge trend, and it has even replaced the Scottish plaid as the top brand. Both boys and girls can be captured. The Prince of Wales (Edward VII) accidentally discovered this texture when he was hunting in his private estate in Glen-Urquhart , He then improved it and finally named it after his title - Prince of Wales.As long as the show in the autumn and winter seasons, the Prince of Wales check pattern must appear frequently, whether it is a traditional fashion brand or an independent designer brand, this element will almost always appear again and again.The calm character of the Prince of Wales check, matched with a handsome lady suit design, must be the best autumn and winter look.In daily life, we often choose to wear the Prince of Wales checked coat, which is also versatile without losing decent dress, so modern white-collar workers cannot refuse.


Modern and Classic Plaid:Houndstooth

        Houndstooth originated from Prince of Wales, also known as Glenn. Since the Duke of Windsor wore it, this coarse floral pattern has been loved by British aristocrats in the 19th-20th century.Houndstooth pattern, is made up of small patterns. In the eyes of Orientals, this design looks like a traditional paper crane, hence the name. And it is also famous for the clothes of the Dukeof Windsor.Whether you are an Easterner or a Westerner, you can easily control the houndstooth, because it is elegant without losing its dignity. The traditional black and white combination of houndstooth also makes it full of matching space. The houndstooth pattern appears as a whole skirt and jacket or as a single product, its matching is very great, a houndstooth bag, or a houndstooth wrap skirt.


        How much do you know about plaid after reading this article ? Join us in the comments section below!

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