Still wondering what to wear in winter?  These coats meet your needs.

Still wondering what to wear in winter? These coats meet your needs.

Still wondering what to wear in winter? These coats meet your needs.

        The hot summer is getting farther and farther away from us. In November, the weather gradually turns cooler, the temperature difference between morning and evening is also relatively large, and many places have experienced significant temperature drops. Maybe I was wearing T-shirt a few days ago, but I will wear sweaters or coats in a few days. So many women are now wondering what style of clothes should be changed in the wardrobe? In order to meet the different temperatures in various regions, we recommend different coats according to different temperatures. If you are interested, let's look down!


20-25℃ : Cardigan coat and shirts

        In some areas, the temperature has not yet begun to drop significantly. We can choose to wear a T-shirt inside and a thin cardigan or shirt outside. The classic element of the shirt is the plaid. The basic black and white plaid, the bright red and black plaid, or the fresh light color plaid are all pretty.In addition to the plaid, the most common black, white and gray in everyone's wardrobe is also a good choice. The three super versatile colors are suitable for inner wear no matter what color you wear. The choice of shirts is also diverse, you can change from the texture and tailoring to match the fisherman hat, wide-leg pants and other items.

         Who says that autumn and winter are exclusive to black, white, gray and dark colors? Bright colors can reduce the dullness of autumn and winter. Black and white colors inside make it look comfortable. In addition to shirts, French style cardigans are also suitable for autumn, and they have a gentle and romantic feeling to wear. When it's not too cold, you can choose a thin version, with a T-shirt inside and the temperature is just right. When the temperature is lower, you can choose a thicker knitted cardigan coat, which can be worn alone or as a jacket. Or you can choose a short style, which will be more suitable for petite ladies. The short knitted cardigan is not suitable for women with fake hip width. It doesn't matter that we can also choose the long one, which has first-class ability to modify the figure.


15-20℃ : Denim jacket and corduroy coat

        Denim jacket can be said to be the most versatile, and it is also an enduring fashion item with many changes in style. With a shirt and jeans, it is suitable for daily outing activities. Smaller ladies can try a short denim jacket to increase the waistline, especially when paired with a high-waist bottoms, there is a sense of long legs.And in terms of temperature, it can be worn for a long time. When the weather is a bit cold at first, you can match it with summer clothes like T-shirts, and you can also wear a tight-fitting tank top to show off your body. When the weather is a bit cold, you can wear a sweater to keep you warm and comfortable. Of course, you can also choose a corduroy coat, which will have more color choices than denim, and you can wear a bright and colorful style in the cold winter.



5-10℃ :  Lamb wool coat and long coat

        The first choice for winter is definitely a coat, which can be worn in various styles while keeping warm. If you like a generous and intellectual style, a long solid color coat is a good choice. It is suitable for commuting with shirts or knitted sweaters. If you like an elegant and casual style, you can choose a houndstooth coat, a style that will never go out of fashion, it will be popular again in winter every year; those who like the retro feeling of literature and art can choose a plaid coat, especially with a dress and a beret, the French elegance will appear at once.

        Lamb wool coat is also exclusive for winter, and it has been a popular warm and fashionable item in recent years. However, attention should be paid to the choice of lamb wool coat, especially thick long coats tend to make us look bloated and strong. The safest thing is to choose a style with only lamb fur on the inner lining, and the outer material can be corduroy, suede, which looks more fit. White is easy to be visually swelling, black is the effect of slimming, women who want to try a lamb coat but are worried about being strong can try the black style first.


0-5℃ :  Cotton coat and down coat

        Cotton and down coats are similar, the main difference is the filling. Down coats will keep warmer than cotton coats. Both cotton and down coats have their own "expansion", so if you are petite, choose a shorter one that fits a little better and has a little silhouette, which will look taller and thinner. For example, a bread suit is suitable for women who are thinner and looks cute and warm. However, the fluffy bread clothes should pay attention to the principle of “top loose and tight bottom”. The lower body is best not to be too loose, otherwise it will be fat.

        If you think that the short coat is not warm enough, you can choose the long coat, but you should pay attention to the choice of length, preferably at the calf and above. It is best not to choose a down coats that covers the ankle, otherwise it will easily appear bloated. When we choose cotton and down coats, we will choose black and white, but everyone does not have their own characteristics. We can add our own style to the details, such as fabrics, contrast colors, neckline design and so on. If you don’t like the dullness, you can choose a variety of different colors, especially bright colors like red, orange, etc., which can neutralize the dullness in winter.

         Action is not as good as your heart. Come to Buykud to buy some autumn and winter coats!

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