How to match knitted vests? Teach you to wear layers.

How to match knitted vests? Teach you to wear layers.

How to match knitted vests? Teach you to wear layers.

        The late autumn is actually the best season to match clothes. The temperature in this season is difficult to control. It may be warm during the day, but it gets colder at night, so the temperature difference between morning and evening in autumn is relatively large. We should pay attention to the "layering" when you wear clothes in this season. Choosing a versatile knitted vest is a good choice!

Knitted vest with shirts

        This is the simplest vest to wear. For example, a loose-fitting solid-color knitted vest is best matched with a simple white shirt, which looks textured. This kind of vest feels comfortable to the touch, the upper body is streamlined, and the lower body is matched with a black pants or a skirt.To create a literary and artistic outfit, we can mix knitted vests with printed shirts. This is also a casual and sweet way to wear. The vest itself is a retro item, coupled with the exquisite printed shirt, it looks low-key but has a texture, the key is that it is thin.


Knitted vest with dress

        Knitted vest is not only warm, but also a fashion expert with concave shape, allowing you to keep warm and fashionable. The solid-color knitted vest is one of the practical items with "stacking". The classic V-neck with loose version is not picky at all. The length below the hip line can cover the hips. Put on a dress inside, with a neutral casual style and a sense of layering. Wearing a white printed dress inside is a bit more feminine and exudes a literary and retro atmosphere.The looser version of the waistcoat and the black knitted skirt, while keeping warm, but also has some literary and sweet charm, winter with a woolen coat is very temperament.


Knitted vest with wide leg pants

        It is impossible to wear a V-neck knitted vest alone in daily wear. But when you have it, you are given a new fashion. The classic color, with a light-colored shirt inside, is very wearable. The V-neck of the knitted vest and vest reveals the small lapel of the shirt, which makes it more vigorous. The lower body is matched with a tooling wide-leg pants, which can also let you have both leisure and handsome.

Knitted vest with Black leggings

        The big V-neck solid color knitted vest vest is very simple and elegant, and the solid-color single-product upper body will show more temperament, so putting a solid-color shirt inside is very simple and beautiful! The big V-neck just reveals the collar of the shirt, and the loose basic version looks casual and lazy with it. The lower body is matched with black ripped tights, not only looks thin, but also highlights the fashionable and accent.


Knitted vest with Denim wide leg pants

        It is not an exaggeration to say that the knitted vest and waistcoat are really "stacked" matching items! Choose a knitted vest vest that is partial to the British retro style, and it looks very old and wears a college style. Put a loose and casual white shirt inside, revealing the hem of the shirt, full of layers. The lower body is matched with light blue denim wide-leg pants, which really has a slimming effect on the body. Tuck the vest and waistcoat into the trousers, with a slightly retro style.



        The above several kinds of knitted vests and waistcoats will let you play "stacking" fashion in autumn and winter. A simple waistcoat is actually very fashionable and will not make our overall shape too bloated, so ladies who love beauty should not missed. So throw away your thick coat, put on the "knitted vest", keep warm and all-match, create a literary style!

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